Control yourself

Greetings from the beehive state…

I’m here in Salt Lake City, Utah, on the look-out for a wine bar/ tasting room.

Stop laughing. I’ll find something. Actually I probably won’t because Utah is a “controlled state”, and the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control specifically states,  “As a control state, Utah believes that moderation can best be achieved by neither promoting nor encouraging the consumption of alcohol, but rather by controlling it.” Hmmm. “Controlling it”, eh? I suppose I could rant about this, but I’m a visitor here and my objective is to find some local vino, not to investigate the socio-political workings of alcohol laws.

But wait! What about Idaho?

What about it.

We drove through driving rain and snow, dodged more ginormous trucks, and got stuck behind an onion truck at one point outside of Boise (…honey, is that you?). Good riddance! …I kid– there were some very scenic views of the Sawtooth mountains and the Snake River. img_01331Speaking of which, the southwestern part of the state is home to the Snake River Valley AVA. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stop at any of the   wineries due to time constraints, but I was able to stop and chat with Tina from the Burley Liquor store (Idaho is also a controlled state). She scolded me for not visiting the wineries up North, and suggested we backtrack to one or two. Umm… no. I’ll just buy a bottle of something you recommend, thank you.

Now I know I alluded to some riesling, a varietal that Idaho is well known for. But I went with something different and opted for the Snake River Winery 2004 cabernet-merlot. After all, there is plenty of red wine produced here as well.img_0186

So what can I say about the ole’ Ssssssnake River wine? For one, the color was a curious shade of Coca-cola. Brownish-purple seems more suited for a wine a lot older than this guy. But looks can be deceiving. The wine had aromas of prune, chocolate covered raisin, and clove. On the palate, plum and more raisin dominated. The tannins were very low, making this a nice quaffing wine, with not much of a finish at all.

Coming from the Northwest, I don’t have very high expectations for all the wines I’ll taste throughout the country on our way to New York. You get spoiled in Oregon and Washington to say the least. But it wasn’t a terrible start. Idaho, remember is a very young wine industry– about twenty years behind Oregon– and the best is surely yet to come.

On a final note, I’ll use this space for a quick Happy 37th to the hottie in the image below. A rest stop on the border of Idaho and Utah never looked so good. Thanks for putting up with all my you-know-what, baby. You really are the goods.


Wish me luck on the Utah wine/winery search. Who knows what will come of this? A state with a Zion National Park must have some heavenly wines somewhere, right? Cross your fingers…

Cheers from the road,



~ by Jared on April 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Control yourself”

  1. Happy Birthday, Shanna! And… What happened to Walla Walla?

    • Walla who? 🙂 Ahhh, we know those wines already (at least I do), so we thought we’d make tracks and get into Idaho/Utah quicker.

      Sorry, I know that’s your home away from home!


  2. Hey Jared,
    How much did that Idaheaux bottle run you?

  3. …….Jonah’s in the house! What’s up Daddio?

    The Idaho wine was like $15. I drank a glass and left the rest in the Super 8. Maybe the cleaning lady will enjoy it more than I did.


  4. If you are going thru Wisconsin, make sure you pick up a bottle of their award winning Door County Bing Cherry wine!

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