Looking for a sign.

Long road trips start to numb your mind after a while. You begin to look around for instant entertainment, inspiration, or interest. The goofiness level of my wife and I reached new levels today when she accidentally sprayed sunscreen all over my sunglasses. Normally I would have responded in a less than nice manner. But today, in the car for over five hours, simmering in the Texas heat (91 degrees), we just laughed like baboons for 10 minutes. We’ll be drooling before you know it…

Sometimes it’s the various road signs, advertisements, and billboards that do the trick. Amazing how impacting signs can be … Here are some of the more memorable ones we’ve encountered thus far (click on the image to read the caption). I wasn’t able to capture them all, though, so you’ll have to believe me when I tell you we passed a town called “Truth and Consequences”, and read highway signs in Texas that stated “DWI- you can’t afford it.”, and “Litterin’ is unlawful”. Litterin’.  You bet it is.




~ by Jared on April 8, 2009.

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