The Floor is Yours…


With less than a week away from our annual food and wine orgy called Thanksgiving, the question wine professionals hear over and over again is also the most difficult to answer: what kind of wine should I serve?

I’ve had my own opinion(s) on this over the years, and I recently put some of these down on paper via two articles in the latest edition of Indulge Magazine, a complimentary food and wine publication available at Zupan’s Markets. Without revealing all the deep and profound secrets therein, I can tell you I don’t believe there is one specific type of wine that is, in effect, The Holy Grail of holiday wines. Holiday meals – especially Thanksgiving – can be loaded with multiple flavors and textures (a good thing), and traditional approaches often leave out the more food-friendly wines (a very bad thing).

So allow me to turn the table here and pose the question to all of you- what do you drink with your holiday meals? What have you had good success with? Disasters? Biggest surprise? Which wines have you never paired your meal with- and why? This is how we learn; communicating to each other with ideas, experiences, and passions allows us to wander outside the box and find a brave new world of food and wine pairing.

I expect lots of replies…

With good cheer and an open ear,



~ by Jared on November 21, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Floor is Yours…”

  1. Hate to say it Jared, but rose’ in a box has always worked well for me and my family. The siblings that are “better-off” financially always bring bottles meant to impress the crowd, but they are almost always left half-full,and the box gets emptied every year!

    • Don’t hate- appreciate. A good rose at the turkey table is a fine choice, my friend. …Maybe not from a box, but hey, if that box is getting thrown into the recycling bin soon after it hits the table, who can argue?

      Thanks, Marc. BTW, I watched a goat bite the dust today for tomorrow’s feast. Look away!!

  2. I vote for rose and pinots!

  3. Prosecco! Light, yummy, easy to drink.
    Looking forward to driving up for a visit and tour.

  4. I vote for the Pinots Too! Where was your pretty face??? Have a great Turkey Day!

  5. So Michael CANNOT keep himself from opening a magnum of Brunello. He’s already giddy. That will probably happen around noon. (I know- SUCH a traditional choice for the day!)
    For my part, it will be all about pink bubbles while I cook, and Pinot Noir with the main event.
    And whatever else gets opened…

    • CM- great choice(s). Just make sure those roses are fresh and dry. Although an older rose from France’s “Tavel” appellation- a bigger, sturdier version of rose- would go well w/ Turkey too…

      Camille- Prosecco! Love it… and love the fact you chose a sparkling wine to go with all those flavors. The Prosecco needs to be dry or “Brut” style, though, and not a “Extra Dry” version.

      B.J.- I refused to shave so they refused to put my pretty face in the mag… Just kidding. No Italian wine for you? I’m surprised…

      Cyn- MAG OF BRUNELLO… Hug him for me. Hope it’s not too rustic, though, and pink bubbles sounds great before, during, and after!

      Keep ’em coming guys!!

  6. We’re going to a neighbors’ with Gewurztraminer, Viognier, Cherry (my first vintage, Prosser Bings ’09), a Malbec, and a late harvest Gewurz’ for dessert.

    Beautiful Blog Jared. I love all of the photography.

  7. Howdy Jared,

    LOVED the Country Boy post! I will admit freely that I personally own 3 John Denver CD’s and play them quite often. C’mon folks, lets be honest. Nobody can resist tapping their toes even if just a little, to “Thank God I’m a country boy.

    And btw…Orange County, NY WAS the country when you were growing up…not some borough of NYC.

    Loved that you finally took off those pretty boy zapatos and put on some good ol’ boys, (I will admit freely that I like to dress up once in a while but, work boots are far more comfy!).

    Hope to chat on the tele later!
    Love ya,
    Eva baby

    • Ha! …yeah, I know, we did grow up in the “sticks”, or so our relatives told us. Tyler and i could walk in the road and kick the can (better than kicking the bucket) for an hour w/out seeing a car. Now? It would be like Deathrace 2000…

      Glad you liked the post- talk to you this morning.


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