Farm Stands and The God of Mischief

Old Mc Robert had a farm…

Greetings and welcome back to the wild and wacky world of Jared Wines Up. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, full of flavor and grateful thoughts…

A few days prior to the holiday, I caught a program on public radio regarding the idea of being thankful. A woman on the air was railing against the idea of having one day to be thankful for whatever.

“I just don’t subscribe to this silly holiday and all its supposed sentiments for thankfulness,” she proclaimed.

I suppose she had a point there, but geez, lady- lighten up. It’s one thing to sneer at all the mass consumerism that revolves around the holidays, but what’s wrong with reserving a day to reflect on the good things in life. Friends. Family. Good health. Wine. Cats… Cats?

Actually, Santa decided to bring my present early this year- the day before Thanksgiving, my good buddy for the last 11 years, Loki, showed up after going AWOL for the past 6 months. 6 months! A bit nicked-up and mangy, he was nevertheless fine. We had a great turkey meal the next day, pinot noir with mine, a little milk with his. Thank you Santa…

*    *    *

OK, enough mushy stories of lost kitties (I can hear the collective “Awwwww” from here) and grateful reunions. I’ve found another one of those little gems here in good ole’ Hood River. A few weeks ago, I needed to stop and grab some bread and cheese for a party at the winery. After making a couple of wrong turns (I prefer the circuitous route…), I wound up heading north, out of town towards Mt. Hood. Ooops.

But low and behold, there was “The Farm Stand“. Not an actual farm stand, but not far from it either, The Farm Stand is a small community market full of all the great things you need when you’re a hopeless foodie: fresh produce, exotic meats, truffle cheese and butter, organic cereals, breads, herbs, etc., etc. And they just got their liquor license- bingo.

This a small town where there are only two major grocery stores to pick from. One of them – and I’ll take the “safe way” and not mention any names here – takes the liberty to address you by your name when you leave: “Thank you very much Mr. Jones!” (barf).

So I’m thrilled – and grateful – to have found Robert and his groovy little shop of treats. Where else can you find Elk sausage soaked in pinot noir and full of huckleberries on the “Wild Meat Thursday” board? Robert always takes good care of me when I come in, and was good enough to let me shoot away inside with my camera. I hope his shop continues to thrive in Hood River and the selections of cheese, meat, wine, and all other forms of gastronomic goodness remain plentiful.

*    *    *

Until we meet again friends, stay warm, be well and give thanks.




~ by Jared on December 15, 2009.

10 Responses to “Farm Stands and The God of Mischief”

  1. So happy to hear you and Loki are reunited. Picture me tearing up. 6 months! So happy for the two of you.

  2. The farmers markets in the NW are remarkable places.

    Prodigal Cats are neat too.

  3. Hey Sil,

    Loki….. Marone.Didn’t that happen before? We are very happy for you. Sounds like you are happy and doing well.Things looking up. We got to get out to see you. I am still waiting for a sample bottle ( Aka a little ” taste ” for you Tone)The hell with that ” wild meat” sh@#. Give me a nice steak anytime. Your friends T and Carmela

    • Hey T,

      …”Look pop, roast pork.”

      Great to hear from you- I’ll get in to see you soon, promise. And I’ve got a “nice little bottle” for you too!

      Say hi to Carmela (and Pippi) for me, and be well.


  4. Oh J!! This IS the HOLIDAY MIRACLE!!
    Yahoo Loki’s home!!
    Joy to the World…
    Also- so jealous of your new market. Looks awesome.
    Hey, have you met my friends Carey and Kelly yet in Hood River?

    • I know! Isn’t it amazing? God, that little fur ball…

      Haven’t met Carey and Kelly yet, but haven’t had much time for anything outside of work either. Wheatland??

  5. This sort of place reminds me of Vancouver’s’ Granville Island. It’s a cute community that mixes artists and artisans with a farmer’s market feel.

    Check out the video we produced about it:

    Feel free to pass this along to your readers.


  6. Nice find my friend,
    Camille and I will visit next time we’re up there.

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