About Jared

IMGjaredinbarbarescoJared Germain “wines up” in different settings throughout the world, and is always excited to share these experiences with fellow lovers of wine, food and travel.

His work as a wine professional – consulting, educating, and writing – has shaped and fueled his passion for seeing and tasting the world. While his experiences with wine, food and the world might begin alone, sharing these passions with a wide and enthusiastic audience gives extra worth and relevance to his journeys.

Jared also has a bad habit of being cheeky, goofy, and a bit of a wise-arse when it comes to wine and the like. He can’t help it. It’s not that he doesn’t respect and appreciate the history and seriousness that surrounds food and wine-  he simply needs to have fun and lighten things up a bit in order to bring these passions closer to himself and everyone else.

…So there.

Click on the button below to view his past and present work, including articles, photos, and more. Contact him at jaredwinesup@gmail.com




10 Responses to “About Jared”

  1. Yo-
    You are such a travel slut! We miss you here in the great northwest. I am working on sending comments- I am a blog ludite.

    • …who, me? I don’t know that I’ve ever been called a “slut” before. I kind of like it. Should that be my new e-mail signature??

      “Jared Germain. Travel slut.” Oh yeah…

      Miss you guys too. My next post will discuss the Oregon wine country-Scotland connection– I think you’ll find this interesting. Or at least helpful for falling asleep.


  2. Jared, we’d love to have you contribute to regional wine week for DrinkLocalWine.com. Send me an email, and I’ll give you the details.

  3. Hey J-Roid,

    What’s new with you my dearest dearest friend… Not really. You back in the states? East Coast or West? Just thought I would drop you a line. Oh and another thing…. Giants SUCK!

    Go Blazers!
    Geoff Van Voorhis

    • What-up, G?

      West coast all the way, buddy… and yeah, as much as it pains me to agree w/ you, The Giants do suck- for now. Still, it’s better than being a Niners fan!

      Your dear, dear friend,


  4. Just wanted to wish you a happy 4-0 and say I’m sorry we couldn’t make it to the surprise party. Hope, no I know you had a great time. See you next weekend, Veterans Day.

  5. Hope you’re well. Miss ya

    • Miss you too, brother… lots of new developments, changes in life for me. You??

      • Changes are an understatement.. Moved to the texas gulf coast (NASA), daughter turned 4 in may, mother moved to Arizona and is getting married (I almost drove off the road on that one!) and life is wonderful!! My email is asosd@yahoo.com . When you get a chance I’ll send you some pics. You look like you’re having an incredible time. I’m very happy for you! Hope to hear from ya..

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